Two Distinct Levels of Memory Care
From the early stages to the later stages of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and other forms of memory loss, our best-practice approach to Memory Care is personalized to each individual resident’s abilities and needs.

Harbor Cove is for residents living with early-stage dementia. Based on the principles of our renowned Memory Care program, Flourish℠, we emphasize constant daily activity and engagement to promote brain health and possibly slow the progression of memory loss.

Legacy Cove offers purposeful, comfortable living for those with later-stage dementia. By emphasizing individual abilities, passions, strengths and joys, we provide them with specialized care and programs.

Memory Care at Charter Senior Living of Poplar Creek includes:

  • 24/7 support and personal care by a highly experienced, caring team
  • Purposeful neighborhood design features the latest technology, safety and services
  • Private suites and bathrooms
  • Beautifully landscaped, secured courtyard and walking path
  • Multiple activity spaces and lounges for programming and socializing with friends, family and staff
  • Sensory rooms for calming serenity
    Flourish℠ Memory Care programming

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Flourish℠ Memory Care
Flourish℠ Memory Care is Charter Senior Living’s exclusive Memory Care program based on the very best practices in Memory Care from the most respected thought leaders in the industry. Flourish℠ Memory Care promotes self-esteem while minimizing loneliness, boredom and potential challenging behaviors through:

VELOCITY — A consistent offering of traditional activities that appeal to the seven core areas of programming. Velocity is our daily activities programming that sets the speed and direction for our residents’ days.

OSHIBORI EXPERIENCE — A daily routine activity that provides a consistent reminder for mealtimes while providing aromatherapy.

GRAB-AND-GO NEIGHBORHOOD ACTIVITIES — Impromptu small-group activities specialized to their smaller group and individual needs.

S.T.A.R. — Specific Therapeutic Assisted Recreation is a family-oriented program that allows our families to bring in personal, reminiscent-type items to share with their family member.

REST AND RESTORATION — A care staff-led intervention program that provides stimulation and redirection with four sensory components, including audio, video, engagement, and comfort interventions.  

For more information on Flourish℠ Memory Care, DOWNLOAD PDF.